Vulnerability: Atlassian Jira Server-Side Template Injection

Jira Server and Data Center is susceptible to a server-side template injection vulnerability via the ContactAdministrators and SendBulkMail actions. An attacker is able to remotely execute code on systems that run a vulnerable version of Jira Server or Data Center. All versions of Jira Server and Data Center from 4.4.0 before 7.6.14, from 7.7.0 before 7.13.5, from 8.0.0 before 8.0.3, from 8.1.0 before 8.1.2, and from 8.2.0 before 8.2.3 are affected by this vulnerability.


Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to remote code execution, compromising the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the affected system.