Uncover hidden vulnerabilities with continuous, always-on asset discovery and assessment of both known and unknown assets in your environment, including highly dynamic cloud or remote workforce assets.

Managed in the cloud and empowered by VUNR, we offer a comprehensive vulnerability coverage, providing real-time, continuous assessment of your organization. Integrated prioritization, threat intelligence, and real-time insights aid in understanding your exposures and proactively addressing vulnerabilities.

Utilize the industry’s broadest CVE and configuration coverage to promptly identify scan results and assess exposures. Intuitive dashboard visualizations and straightforward risk scores ensure immediate insights for risk reduction.

Determine which vulnerabilities require immediate attention with automated prioritization, leveraging vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science. Our built-in prioritization capabilities ensure rapid patching of high-risk vulnerabilities.

Utilize easily understandable risk scores to initiate remediation swiftly, mitigating breaches before they occur. Leverage over 200 integrations to automate workflows and take decisive action.

VUNR Vulnerability Management is available as part of the VUNR Exposure Management Platform or as a standalone product.